Nikki Tait


About Nikki

Nikki holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Utah. She has been teaching private voice lessons for nearly twenty years. Nikki has over thirty years experience performing in Musical Theater, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Opera & Religious styles in a variety of venues including Kingsbury Hall, Hale Centre Theatre & Ellen Eccles Theatre.

Welcome Prospective Students

No matter how old you are,

your current skill level,

or what type of music you love,

the potential to sing (and find joy in doing so)

is waiting for you.

Formula For Improvement

  • Students set specific goals

- Having a custom path allows you to grow in ways tailored to your instrument and lifestyle.

  • Students sing the type of music they enjoy

- If a student loves the music, they will have a desire to practice; if they practice they will propel their progress.

  • Students stay informed of their progress

- Keeping a written record of what we cover in lessons ensures that students are always moving forward.

  • Students learn to become singing scientists

- Since everyone's instrument is different, through experimentation and self-awareness, students are guided in their own journey to ultimately become the master of their voice.

Unique Lesson Features

  • Nikki has the ability to record a student's voice lesson on an mp3 file which can then be shared with students and parents to listen to at home.

  • Upon request, Nikki can record vocal warmups on an mp3 file for you to practice with.

  • Nikki keeps a Voice Lesson Journal for each student. She outlines what is covered in each lesson, includes homework assignments, and ideas for material to be covered in future lessons. The format is kept on a shared Google Doc so Nikki and the student can edit the document as needed.

  • Nikki keeps detailed invoices of lesson charges and payments made. An email or printed copy of this information is available upon request.

  • Students will make their own list of semi-challenging songs that they would love to learn. They have the choice to purchase the sheet music or minus track (karaoke) versions to sing to, or simply sing to the karaoke version of songs found on YouTube (these are convenient as they are easily accessible and display the lyrics).

  • When needed, Nikki integrates music theory and aural (ear training) exercises into lessons and homework assignments.

  • Nikki can help prepare you for an upcoming audition by giving you an idea of what to expect, help you choose the perfect song to perform, and give you tips to calm your nerves and impress your audience.

  • All students in Nikki's studio are invited to perform in annual recitals. This is a great opportunity to have a specific goal to work toward and a way to share your improvements with loved ones!

Availability, Rates & Payments

In-Person Voice Lessons:

**Nikki is currently taking an indefinite hiatus from teaching on-going, in-person private lessons.**

If you would like to be placed on her waiting list to be informed when she resumes, or to give someone a gift of short-term lessons, please send an email inquiry to her at

In-Person Voice Lesson pricing:

  • $25 per 30-minute Lesson

  • $50 per 1-Hour Lesson

Audition Preparation:

If you have an audition coming up that you would like to prepare for, and would like to receive valuable tips and feedback from Nikki, contact her at for more information.

Feedback is sent to you within 24 hours of receiving payment + your prepared audition video sent to Nikki through email. Please include the show and the company for whom you are auditioning for, the specific requirements for the audition, and the date of your scheduled audition.

Audition Prep packages and pricing:

  • $40 - 1 email of feedback

  • $75 - 2 emails of feedback (1 initial email after Nikki receives your first video audition + 1 final email after receiving your additional revised audition video.)

Nikki prefers payments through Venmo at the time of service. With the payment, please include the student's name, and date of lesson or date of audition video sent.

Former Student Testimonials

"From the first time we met Nikki I immediately knew we had made the right choice. She immediately makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. She always has an upbeat attitude and makes lessons fun. I never had to remind my daughter to practice because she was always excited about what Nikki was teaching her.
Nikki is very knowledgeable in voice training, but she also has a lot of experience in musical theater. She was not only able to help my daughter become a better singer but she also taught her how to choose the right song for a musical theater audition. She taught her not only how to feel confident but how to exude that confidence while on the stage.
My husband and I were amazed at the changes we heard in Sydney’s voice. Within her first year with Nikki we saw our daughter grow from a little girl with a small timid voice to a confident girl with a strong, full voice.
Sydney learned so many things from Nikki over the several years that she took lessons, but I think the greatest was how to be brave and that lesson is priceless."
-Erin Allen, Liberty Lake, Washington

"I found Nikki via google and she changed my life. I am a 61 year old guy that had been trying to find a voice for most of my life. I always knew I could sing, but had a hard time convincing others, unfortunately. From the moment I met Nikki it was obvious she is real, honest, and remarkably talented. I felt comfortable from the first moment and was able to let down my guard and hang ups to search for my voice. The lessons gave me a vehicle to use for practice and to find my comfort zone. I was able to open up, exercise my pipes, and sing away. Finally I sang an original song in our recital in a wonderful room packed with family and strangers and friends. The result was staggering, in my opinion. So, in a nutshell, there are not enough words available to me that express how much I recommend Nikki for voice lessons. Not only does she sing like an angel, she can work with you and give you joy in the art of song. "-Richard Allinger, Spokane Valley, Washington
"First, Nikki is adorable. We always had a good laugh and got work done at the same time. She was very encouraging and challenged me; I was ready to meet her challenge. She selected exercises that were specific to my needs, I was able to really understand what I was afraid of, confront it, and be better. In each lesson we would warm up, I would show her what I'd worked on since last time, and then she would tailor my future assignments to how it went. This allowed us to identify my barriers and weaknesses. She had great, successful tricks to overcome those barriers. I really felt like she knew me, my voice, my strengths, and my weaknesses. This was really the source of my success.Nikki is a great teacher. She has the right approach: goal directed and very supportive yet challenging. I am fully confident that she will tailor her teaching strategy to meet your needs and stretch you. She has technical training, but was still able to teach me at my novice level. Even now, I consider her a friend, and I am grateful for the vocal freedom that she helped me to realize. Also, she is a very talented singer with a beautiful voice. I would recommend her as a voice teacher without reservation. Try her out just once... you'll see."-Megan, Sandy, Utah
"Each time I sing, I think of Nikki, whether in a choir, in a quartet or whenever. I am so grateful for the things she taught me. I have been through quite an ordeal with my muscles. Her training has given me the tools to reteach my singing muscles to work towards singing again. It is fun to hear those high notes coming out of my mouth.
Nikki put me at ease with the first lesson and helped me find the confidence I needed to believe that I could do it. When I first started with her, I was in my early 50s. I had always wanted to learn to sing better and she helped me accomplish that with her happy, very positive attitude. She always believed in me and taught me not only to sing and maximize my talents, but she also taught me to believe in myself."
-Ellen, Sandy, Utah

"My two sons took voice lessons for one year with Nikki. It was one of the best experiences they have ever had with music lessons.
Both of the boys were quite shy to begin with, but with the help of Nikki, they were able to overcome the fear of singing in public. She's a great voice teacher - definitely knows how to train young voices. I really liked the fact that the boys were able to choose the songs that they wanted to work on; that really helped them to stay interested.
Both boys improved in their range and tone. She always had a great, positive attitude toward the kids. Nikki always encouraged a creative environment where the kids felt safe to sing without fear; yet she always had a way to give specific advice, so they could improve and do better.
The boys had such a great attitude at the end of the lesson each week. When they went home, they were excited to practice (and that's saying a lot for teenage boys!) Nikki also allowed the boys to combine their guitar talents with voice lessons, which enabled them to figure out how to sing, but also perform while playing the guitar. I would certainly recommend taking voice lessons from Nikki Tait --our only regret is that they couldn't stay with her for longer."
-Melanie Kemp, Sandy, Utah

Contact Nikki

Please send questions and inquires in an email to

Nikki teaches in River Heights, Utah